Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Marketing

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a measure of performance management used by different organizations to evaluate the success or failure of a particular product, marketing campaign or activity in which the company is involved. The list of KPIs differ from industry to industry and also from one company to another within the same industry. The […]

Socially Awkward: How to Keep Your Social Media Campaign from Turning on You

By now you probably know that social media can be a highly effective marketing tool when used correctly. Unfortunately, it can also be a great way to alienate customers or make yourself look downright silly. There are lots of things you should avoid doing in social media, and marketing in general for that matter. But, […]

Key Essentials to Keyword Search Optimization

Keyword optimization looks deceptively simple at first – it’s just a matter of using a bunch of high-traffic keywords, right? But, in reality, the process involves a fair amount of research and analysis. It can help a website generate exposure, produce leads, gain traffic, and improve sales figures, all at the same time. So, where […]

How do Google+ Social Signals Affect a Website’s Ranking?

June 2011 marks a new trend that has changed completely  the social network and the SEO landscape. This was the month when the most popular search engine launched its own social media platform – Google+. SEO experts knew from the very beginning that Google+ will have its effect over the website optimization process. Although Google+ […]

Social Signals – The New Currency of the Web

Sharing is an innate part of the human psyche. We just love to share anything that catches our fancy. A cute cat video? Let’s share it with our Facebook friends! A celebrity posting a very witty status update on Twitter? Retweet it! The Internet and social networking websites made the entire sharing process a whole […]

10 Creative Secrets for Social Media Marketing

Research on social media marketing proves that over 93% of businesses currently leverage social media to gain more customers or new business deals. This number is still growing and that means more competition within these social media platforms. To stand out from the competition and effectively attract customers and other businesses, social media marketing requires […]

21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies[Infographic]

Last week we posted an article on the 21 unwritten rules of effective social media marketing which received quite a decent response, so we decided to put it into a more aesthetic visual infographic for your mind to easily digest. (We have another infographic about the untold secrets of social media marketing! Have a look!) Here you go:

5 B2B Companies That Rock Social Media

When most people think of social media marketing, they think of retailers, restaurants, and other business to consumer operations. While these businesses do dominate the social media landscape, they aren’t the only ones making a splash with this new marketing medium. There are plenty of business to business companies, some of which are widely known […]

What A Social WordPress Analytics Plugin Can Tell You

Have you ever wondered about Social Metrics Pro? In an age where social media is becoming just as important as SEO, it makes sense that WordPress Analytics technology like this would present itself eventually. Social Media is needed for better search engine rankings, and Google’s always incorporating new elements into their search engine algorithm, making […]

How to Integrate Pinterest into Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

While Facebook and Twitter still get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest has seen rapid growth in recent times, and counting. In fact, Pinterest currently receives nearly 1.5 million visitors every day and the average user spends about 16 minutes on the site. Another Pinteresting fact is that […]