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Daniel Tan: A veteran Internet Marketer. Founder of SomoThemes, Social Metrics Pro, SEOPressor and XTabApps. Daniel's focus is to simplify marketing with technology, to help marketers reach more people in an organized and effective way.

4 Pro Tools To Maximize Google Authorship

We are big fans of Google Authorship. Heck, who doesn’t love seeing a smiling face associated with search results? Plus, it helps our search engine optimization (SEO), gives our site additional authority and adds a little personality to our content. In short, Google Authorship rocks our world. Wouldn’t you agree? But, we know navigating the […]

Keeping Your Search Engine Marketing Techniques Current

After years of watching the online marketing industry, I’ve been forced to conclude that not only is change constant, but the pace of that change is only increasing. The recent release of Penguin 2.0 has once again shaken up the online marketing industry, adding new wrinkles and subtleties to search engine marketing. So let’s talk […]

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

If you frequently scour the Internet the phrase “viral content” or “going viral” is seen quite often and is a term that refers to a webpage, blog, YouTube video, tweets etc that takes the world by storm and attracts visitors in vast numbers, see’s links to the page and/or “retweets” galore, driving even more internet […]

Article Marketing Isn’t Dead. It’s More Alive Than Ever, And Here Is Why…

With the constant pursuit of online businesses striving for the highest possible ranking on an array of search engines, business owners often go to quite incredible lengths to try and achieve some form of dominance where nothing but the top 4 rankings will suffice. Outsourcing SEO to improve page ranking The moment you outsource SEO […]

3 Simple Tips for a Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign

The use of social media market campaigns has risen exponentially over the last few years, and for obvious reasons. Relative to other marketing strategies, social media market campaigns are extremely cost-effective, the audience is growing daily, and more and more people are turning to their online peers and business connections for advice, referrals and information. […]

7 Simple Tweaks That Can Work Wonders for Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter is your own personal marketing campaign platform. When utilized effectively, the growth to your business can be substantial. Here is a list of seven simple things you can do to maximize your Twitter marketing effectiveness. 1. Paint Yourself in a Professional Light Let’s start at the beginning. Perception is critical, particularly when dealing in […]

Google Values Link from Press Release, as in ‘Unique Stories’

Google has recently updated the link scheme document under their Webmaster Guidelines to warn against large scale guest blogging, advertorials and optimized anchor texts in articles and press releases. The news spread like wild-fire and feared many online marketers and PR teams. John Mueller, one of Google’s lead Webmaster Trend Analysts says added that there […]

Visual Media: The Peanut Butter for the Social Media Marketing Jelly

The use of social media networks to promote business products and services, particularly with the use of visuals, is a no brainer. When compared to others, traditional forms of visual advertising, such as billboards, newsprint and television, the cost saved alone is convincing enough to jump on board the social media marketing bandwagon. However, when […]

Driving Traffic To Your Site: How Useful is Facebook?

With over 1.1 billion active monthly users, it’s not a far-fetched reality to assume you could probably use Facebook as a tool to drive some traffic to your content. In fact, if you really harness Facebook properly, it can be a phenomenal way to increase unique page views and keep your products and services in […]

‘SEOed’ Up – Tips and Tricks to Climb Up Google’s Ladder

We won’t talk about what SEO means here – any newbie would tell you what it means. Rather, we will talk about how one can go about optimizing their webpage. Google likes to play the role of a cautious Daddy, constantly tinkering its ways to see that you are following the rules. In essence, it […]