10 Creative Secrets for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Secrets

10 Creative Secrets to Social Media Marketing

Research on social media marketing proves that over 93% of businesses currently leverage social media to gain more customers or new business deals. This number is still growing and that means more competition within these social media platforms. To stand out from the competition and effectively attract customers and other businesses, social media marketing requires creativity.

Gone are the days when social media marketing would be strategized by simple posts and tweets accompanied by links. That may have worked then, but it may not be as effective today. People who use social media today require new tactics to attract them to your products and services.

10 of the creative secrets you can use in social media marketing would be to:

1. Share Videos

Videos are the most effective attention grabbers in the social media world. If you want to create more interest in your products or services, then you ought to create captivating videos and share them on the social networks. A clever way of sharing is placing a ‘Share’ button next to the video in your website. A video shared via Facebook appears as a post with an image, link and a short description of the products and services. This makes it not only entertaining to watch, but incredibly easy to redistribute throughout the multiple networks.

2. Post Outside The Normal Business Hours

Social media marketing shouldn’t be limited to just the normal business hours. We just get so immune to the hustle and bustle of everyday life that sometimes, we just glance at posts without actually taking time to read them. However, a user who logs in into his/her account at midnight to find a catchy post by a business has a higher chance of being converted to a customer than someone who has seen such a post within the normal business hours.

3. Run Impromptu Contests

Social media users get attracted into short occasional impromptu contests. Believe it or not, human beings are preprogrammed to recognize or form patterns from utter randomness. When something spontaneous such as a free giveaway comes along, we are naturally drawn to participate as long as it doesn’t involve us doing something ridiculous or impossible. Quick contests such as these are usually more engrossing, rather than long-term contests which require us to continuously monitor how well we’re doing in order to reap the rewards at the end of it.

4. Change the Profile Picture Occasionally

Social media users get bored by the same profile picture. Although a business may choose to have its logo as the profile picture, it is advisable to creatively come up with other pictures to intrigue the social media users. A good method of doing this is using images of different products or services related to the business.

5. Don’t post marketing content only

Social media users largely relate with the businesses which post diverse content. A business should occasionally divert from the formal marketing content and post other material such as jokes to show some versatility and personality.

6. Engage With Individual Social Media Users

Most businesses usually interact with their social media audience on a group basis. Although this may be a generally good plan to attract customers on a large scale, it is also crucial to interact with the individual social media users. This makes them feel cherished to the business, which quickly converts them into customers.

7. Leverage Other Related Businesses

A business can effectively hunt for customers from a loyal customer base of another related business. For example, a shoe polish company and a shoe making company can market each other by posting corresponding promotional material. Both businesses however, need to come to an agreement on the terms before promoting each other.

8. Search and Award Random Loyal Customers

Each social network has a ‘Search’ tool. A business can use it to search for loyal customers who may have recommended their products to other users. Awarding some of those customers is a good strategy in getting other users to praise your products, which will eventually win you a lot more customers.

9. Use ‘Free’ In the Posts

One of the words which quickly catch the eye of a social media user is ‘Free’. That word alone will prompt a fan/follower to read entire post. Therefore, to prevent fans/followers from ignoring the entire marketing post, a marketer should creatively incorporate ‘Free’ into whatever content they’re promoting.

10. Have Short, Precise Marketing Posts

Very few users will have the time of reading through long posts. Each of the marketing posts should be short, precise and inspiring. This shouldn’t be a problem on Twitter since it only allows a maximum of 140 characters. Other social networks like Facebook allow users to post as many characters as they want. Unless you intend to give your audience a long boring speech about social media, a marketer should creatively and succinctly convey their messages across.

What are your social media marketing secrets?

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