5 B2B Companies That Rock Social Media

5 B2B Companies Social Media Loves

5 B2B Companies that Rock Social Media

When most people think of social media marketing, they think of retailers, restaurants, and other business to consumer operations. While these businesses do dominate the social media landscape, they aren’t the only ones making a splash with this new marketing medium. There are plenty of business to business companies, some of which are widely known brands, leveraging the power of sites like Facebook and Twitter to enhance their marketing efforts.

Here are a few names you might recognize that are doing social media the right way:


This computer giant is also a consumer brand, but they also have a fair share of the business market. They not only have a Facebook page where business topics are discussed, but they’ve also started their own YouTube channel to offer business tips and advice.


Another major computer and electronics brand, HP built an entirely new blog and website to link with their Twitter and Facebook pages. Not only do they provide valuable information on running a business to small business owners, but readers are able to send questions to the company directly and have them answered on the blog.

American Express

The credit card empire combines the use of blogging via its OPEN forum with other media channels to offer small business owners valuable information and news related to marketing and other business related topics. They also have contests, allowing business owners the chance to win prizes such as “business makeovers” and cold hard cash to go toward their ventures.


This money processing company isn’t just for consumers, and they have taken great strides since building their business services through a YouTube channel offering business and money tips to small business owners.


UPS “loves logistics” and they have created a new site with Facebook and Twitter connections to allow business owners to discuss the benefits of using logistics, and to share tips and give success stories.

What do all these companies have in common? They don’t use social media to pat themselves on the back. They’ve leveraged technology to connect with their target audiences by giving them valuable information and by allowing them to feel heard through open forums and real discussions. This is how social media is done right. As you embark on your own campaigns, keep your end user in mind. Everything else will fall into place if you do.

Who else do you think should be in this list?

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