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Web 3.0 – The Future of the Internet

What Happened To Web 1.0? Remember AOL keywords? Almost a decade ago, this was the primary form of online interaction that businesses used to engage in. You see a television commercial – a Ford car, for example – and then a message pops up at the end of it that goes something like this: “Go […]

7 Ways to Incorporate Google+ in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Google+ is rapidly gaining in popularity, and some say that it operates above and beyond what the more familiar social media sites are capable of. Google+ offers many user-friendly features that are used to incorporate this service into a social media marketing game plan. By using all of the available features, and maintaining social media […]

7 Profitable Social Media Monitoring and Measurements

The social signals that your business puts out is what drives your presence on social media. There’s a clear correlation throughout most studies on social media measurement that more social signals drive your social ranking higher. It’s only good news for your business to see your social media ranking climb, though it is helpful to […]

5 Tips for Maximizing Localized Social Signals to Influence Buying Behavior

For small businesses, local search is everything. In fact, a geo-centric search engine marketing effort can prove more effective than an organic results-oriented campaign. This is largely because it’s difficult to divorce local SEO from social signals. Why? Local search is social. Users scour social review sites like Yelp.com and Google Places for a company’s […]

10 Ways To Empower Your Social Content Marketing Strategy

So you already got the social media monitoring part down. You have active profiles in all major social networking websites and have tracked every social signal that your website is giving out. But the thing is, there seems to be something wrong with your content – it’s not performing well as it should. You scratch […]

The Ten Qualities of Viral Content

It seems everyone nowadays wants to know how to make their content go “viral.” Getting the most likes, tweets, pins, and comments is a sure fire way to get people talking about your work, and thereby, your company. But how is it done? Well, there’s no magic bullet. If there was, everyone would be writing […]

4 Quick Tips To Appeal to the Audience with Social Media Marketing

Many business owners forget that social media marketing is not the same as simply advertising. Instead, it is about building a relationship with the audience. In fact, social media is basically public relations, which is vastly different from advertisement. Business owners are encouraged to use the following tips to create mutually beneficial relationships with their […]

5 Companies That Rocked Social Media

You probably already know that social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest have changed the way companies and consumers interact. Marketing is no longer about sale pitches and advertising. It’s about building relationships with your customers and showing them that you understand their needs. Since it’s a relatively new medium, however, it’s just as easy […]