7 Ways to Incorporate Google+ in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using Google+ in Social Media Marketing

7 Ways to Incorporate Google+ in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Google+ is rapidly gaining in popularity, and some say that it operates above and beyond what the more familiar social media sites are capable of. Google+ offers many user-friendly features that are used to incorporate this service into a social media marketing game plan. By using all of the available features, and maintaining social media etiquette, marketers can expect to see a significant change in the results of their social media efforts.

1. Circles

The circles feature with Google+ is a valuable tool to incorporate into your social media marketing. Circles allow a user to place certain individuals into categorized group. These circles are identified as friends, family, acquaintances and a variety of other classifications that are used to easily find and distinguish between groups. The circles are a benefit for marketing because it is quite simple to place a number of individuals that have the same interests or affiliations into one category. Users can simply market to that select group quickly and effectively. This provides a more concentrated marketing campaign and targeted results. As an example, a business person who has a product that meets the unique needs of several individualized groups now has a means to market that product while marketing in a way that is appealing to each group.

2. Hangouts

The hangout feature in Google+ allows users to create a secure place to meet and chat. Voice and video chat are used to achieve a personal connection. Use hangout to share new products or promotions with a select group of people that are invited to the session. Online hangouts can cut travel expense by opting for a video call to share a new idea or product. Create webinars to share on websites, blogs or social media sites. Hangout allows users to watch YouTube videos with up to ten users per group, these sessions can be used for training materials or to mass promote a service. Attachments are easily shared between users in the group. Another tool that works with the hangout system is the messenger button. There are times that prospects are attending a webinar with multiple people, and are hesitant to draw attention to themselves. By having the messenger feature, a prospect is more at ease about communicating.

3. Home

The home tab on Google+ quickly allows users to see what the people they follow are sharing. By posting photographs, attachments or links of your product or service, individuals who follow you will see what you post on your home page, much like other social media sites. While viewing posts placed by individuals that you follow, you can see comments that individuals who follow them have posted. By adding relative information to comments, you gain more exposure. This opens the door for finding potential prospects, and in return explodes your marketing efforts.

4. Profile

An attractive Google+ profile has the potential to attract prospects interested in your product or service. When creating a profile, users are encouraged to upload a personal photograph, add a brief introduction and share a little about locations that they have lived – past and present. An attractive profile, if done correctly will welcome potential prospects. Potential prospects that feel as if they can connect with a person or business are more likely to be followers, and eventually customers or business partners that share your company or product with others that share their same interest. Your profile is used as a business card, and should look as professional and polished as possible.

5. Local

The local tool is useful for social media marketing as it lets a user quickly find a desired location. This is a good tool in the event that an emergency meeting needs to be arranged. By simply selecting a location to meet at, such as a cafe or coffee house, team members and potential prospects are directed where to meet. The local tool can also be used as a means to share a location that leaves a lasting impression, complete with review. Social media marketing works best with an equal share of sharing and offering, be sure to add material that benefits your followers as well as promotional posts. While in an unfamiliar area, the local tool comes in handy when looking for a variety of places such as lodging, banking, entertainment and restaurants. When looking for potential new clients, the places feature can also be used to add new locations as contacts. After researching the new contacts, they can be approached with more aggressive social media marketing. The local feature is a good tool when a user is called out of town for any reason. By using this tool you can find other users that post from that town, or nearby surrounding areas. If that individual feels like they could benefit from a product or service, they become potential prospects.

6. Explore

By using the explore feature on Google+, users can quickly locate the hottest happenings throughout Google+. A user can add to any conversation that they feel is relevant to their product or business, or can simply find topics that interest them. By following and being followed, a user can develop a social relationship that has the possibility of making a sale. Users are able to post links that send prospects to company websites, informational blogs or online stores. With hectic schedules, many individuals are more attracted to quality photographs than written text. By posting photographs of products or company events, it is likely to draw more attention.

7. Events

Creating an event on Google plus is a simple task that has a lot of marketing potential. A user can simply add an event by naming the event, listing a date, time and location, and then inviting those that would benefit from the event. The event tool can be used to list a meeting that requires physical attendance, or it could be an event that takes place during a scheduled hangout. A benefit of the event feature is the ability to share calendars and events with selected users. By keeping a virtual appointment book that is accessible by all prospects, attendance levels are bound to rise.

The marketing success of many companies depends on a successful marketing campaign. By remaining professional, and operating a professional looking site, marketing efforts are more productive in a lesser amount of time.

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