10 Effective Aspects of a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing and its Effective Aspects

10 Effective Aspects of a Social Media Marketing Campaign

1) Optimize Your Tweets

Twitter is an excellent Social Media tool where you can promote your product or service, connect with other users, expand your reach, and potentially pull in new customers as well. For maximum effectiveness, optimize your tweets by creating a message that is short, yet potent. Use a link shortener such as bit.Ly to reduce the amount of characters that are eaten up by your link. On Twitter you have on 140 characters in which you can create your message to the world.

2) Create a Facebook Group to Promote Your Brand

If you haven’t already, creating a Facebook Group to promote your brand or services is an excellent way to improve your visibility and expand your clientele reach. As one of the most popular Social Networking sites online, Facebook is an excellent place to promote your product or services. Additionally, it is incredibly easy to allow personality flow into your posts on Facebook, which is highly attractive to many consumers.

3) Connect with your Followers and Fans

An important part of any Social Media marketing campaign is connecting with your followers and fans. By presenting a friendly and sociable face to your business, you are more likely to draw in more fans and potential customers than you would just by talking about your product. Don’t neglect your clients, embrace them by connecting with them on Social Networking websites.

4) Take Advantage of Content Curation Sites

Content Curation websites are an excellent way to generate sales and increase the reach for Internet savvy business owners. Content Curation websites such as Pinterest catalog products, images, photographs, and more in an attractive format, where members can click and learn about things that are similar to their pre-stated interests. Content Curation sites can increase web traffic, sales figures, and your company’s visibility to consumers.

5) SEO, at its Finest

If you haven’t heard of SEO yet, get out your paper and pencil. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique that web writers and Social Media gurus swear by. SEO practices make websites or articles easier to find on online search engines, and improve search engine ranking. When used properly, SEO can increase your customer reach, improve your bottom dollar, and generate major web traffic.

6) Mastery of Blog Marketing

Whether you are promoting a blog or a product or service you offer, blog marketing can be a highly effective way of increasing your reach and sales figures. If you are promoting a service or product, creating a blog highlighting the benefits can be a great way to pull in new customers. Writing a blog is one thing, but promoting is another entirely. To promote your blog, hit the Social Networking sites and share away.

7) Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg bookmark popular or interesting websites for users to enjoy. Should a fan bookmark your website or blog on a Social Bookmarking website, they are effectively promoting your products and services to an even larger group of people.

8) Pay Attention to Trending Topics

Following trending topics on Google and Twitter can be a highly efficient way to increase sales and visibility online. If your website or products are related to a trending topic, post about it on Twitter and use the hash tag listed in the Trending Topics section of the website.

9) Streaming Video Promotions

Streaming video promotions on websites such as YouTube can be highly effective in promoting business as well. Sites such as YouTube allows you to show off your merchandise, explain the services you offer, and present a warm and friendly face to potential customers.

10) Network with Other Professionals

Another important aspect an effective Social Media marketing campaign is networking with other professionals. Other professionals in your field can provide insight and solid knowledge that can help you on your promotional trek. Make solid connections and you may see your reach and sales increase exponentially.




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