4 Quick Tips To Appeal to the Audience with Social Media Marketing

Four Ways to Appeal to Audience in Social Media Marketing

4 Quick tips to appeal to the audience with Social Media Marketing

Many business owners forget that social media marketing is not the same as simply advertising. Instead, it is about building a relationship with the audience. In fact, social media is basically public relations, which is vastly different from advertisement. Business owners are encouraged to use the following tips to create mutually beneficial relationships with their audience.

1. Make It Personal

One difference between advertisements and social media marketing is that ads do not allow the audience to communicate back. Viewers often get the distinct feeling that there is a corporation behind the ad, not a real person. Social media, on the other hand, focuses on allowing the audience to feel comfortable communicating because there is clearly a person behind the messages on Facebook, Twitter, or other popular social media platforms. Ensuring the voice has some personality that the audience can relate to is vital to creating a positive relationship.

2. Keep Self-Serving Posts to a Minimum

Companies that are successful at social media marketing tend to offer helpful links and advice. Merely linking to their own website pages and advertising special deals will come off a spam, which readers do not tolerate. It is considered okay to occasionally sprinkle in some self-serving links or reminders, but the goal is to truly benefit the audience in some way. This is usually achieved through linking to articles and videos with useful tips, and by asking readers what they think so they realize their feedback is important.

3. Be Dependable

Viewers like consistency since it lets them know what to expect, so business owners are encouraged to post regularly. Social media with random postings will not gain a following, nor will they impress viewers. This is no way to build a good relationship with audience members. Businesses that rarely ever post may be ignored by the public, while those that suddenly stop posting much may lose their followers since they will feel let down at the sudden change in post frequency.

4. Be Honest

Advertisements are notorious for only portraying the best side of the business, while social media marketing is known for being a bit more honest. When site owners invite feedback from their audience, they should be prepared for some criticism from some. Even the most well-liked businesses cannot please everyone, but they are able to survive because they genuinely care about correcting their mistakes. Social media marketing offers the perfect platform for business owners to respond to critics and dissatisfied customers. This is why they should avoid deleting negative comments, and instead show their stellar customer service skills by publicly responding to the concerns.


*For a more detailed elaboration of how you can gain trust and loyalty from your audience, take a look at Copyblogger’s post.

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