21 Rules for Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Effective social media marketing guidelines.

21 rules.

Like everything else, there are unwritten rules involved in social media marketing. Everyone is obliged to follow these rules, but those that are new to the game, may miss out on the basics. Here are 21 unwritten rules of social media marketing that are designed to create a solid foundation for any social media marketing campaign:

1) There Are No Shortcuts to Success

Social media marketing involves investing time, energy, and creativity. It’s a commitment that can’t be avoided, or overlooked.

2) If You Don’t Contribute No One Will Listen

If you can’t contribute something of value to the community, no one will listen. It’s that simple.

3) Position Yourself to Be an Expert

Why would anyone take advice from someone who doesn’t know anything? If you need to learn more, then do so, but make sure that you can offer valuable advice to fans and followers.

4) Create Meaningful Conversation

If you aren’t saying anything meaningful, you shouldn’t be saying anything at all. If you’re adding to the noise, you’re sure to be ignored.

5) Activity and Productivity Aren’t the Same

Just because you’re active, doesn’t mean your accomplishing something. Be productive, not noisy.

6) Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time

Keep it simple. Offer friendly concise morsels of advice instead of constant rambling conversation.

7) Avoid Being Spammy

Constant self-promotion isn’t attractive. If you feel a need to constantly draw attention to yourself, you’re not accomplishing anything.

8) Always Keep it Real

Be authentic. Draw crowds by drawing on your own experiences, knowledge, and humor.

9) Conversation is a Two-Way Street

Give followers and fans an opportunity to sound off. If you’re monopolizing the conversation, it becomes a boring lecture instead of a successful marketing strategy.

10) Connections Don’t Imply Permission

Just because you’re being followed doesn’t mean people grant you permission to interrupt their lives. You have to take time to build relationships and trust.

11) Access Doesn’t Equal Entitlement

Making connections may give you access, but it doesn’t mean fans and followers owe you anything. Don’t allow an enthusiasm for sharing lead to a drop in quality. Fans and followers aren’t required to listen to whatever you have to say.

12) Adaptability is Essential

What’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Keep up with topic trends and stay adaptable.

13) Amplification Without Accomplishment is Worthless

If social media marketing efforts aren’t leading to conversions or some sort of productivity, then your efforts are pointless. Measure your efforts and make adjustments as needed.

14) Engagement & Enrichment Are Essential

Engagement for engagement’s sake isn’t effective. Engagement efforts should lead to enrichment, otherwise all efforts are wasted.

15) Use Images & Multimedia

A picture is worth a thousand words. Video is probably worth much more. Don’t just tell, use your platform for showing as well.

16) Always Follow Up With Connections

Don’t ignore fans and followers who make connections with you. Always follow up; it makes people feel special and more likely to listen to you.

17) Mind Your Manners

Sometimes fans and followers may not be polite. They may disagree with your content or views. Allow them to speak up and respond in an appropriate manner.

18) Patience is Crucial

Social media marketing rarely delivers instant results. Don’t give up after a short time. Patient marketers have more chance to reap rewards.

19) Don’t Be an Obsessive Joiner

Following too many groups can hamper your marketing efforts. Spreading yourself too thin can harm any campaign. Always limit group participation.

20) It’s Better to Be a Blogger

Yes, successful social media marketers do maintain blogs. If you’re active on social media, you should blog regularly.

21) The Element of Fun is Essential

If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re not doing it right. Social interactions should be fun and purposeful.

Social media marketing campaigns can lead to sales success if they’re applied correctly. Follow these 21 unwritten rules, and you’ll be well on your way to running a successful campaign.

Don’t forget to check our 21 Rules Infographic here!

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