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Driving Traffic To Your Site: How Useful is Facebook?

With over 1.1 billion active monthly users, it’s not a far-fetched reality to assume you could probably use Facebook as a tool to drive some traffic to your content. In fact, if you really harness Facebook properly, it can be a phenomenal way to increase unique page views and keep your products and services in […]

‘SEOed’ Up – Tips and Tricks to Climb Up Google’s Ladder

We won’t talk about what SEO means here – any newbie would tell you what it means. Rather, we will talk about how one can go about optimizing their webpage. Google likes to play the role of a cautious Daddy, constantly tinkering its ways to see that you are following the rules. In essence, it […]

Pinterest and StumbleUpon: Forgotten Ingredients In the Mix

Social networking sites Pinterest and StumbleUpon are often overlooked by businesses that are searching for effective social media marketing strategy options. Why? Maybe it’s because, with a combined total of a little over 60 million registered users (at last count), the potential consumer base for these sites pales in comparison to that of sites like […]

Steak Pie Recipe – The SEOPressor Way

Unfortunately this post will not be teaching you how to cook steak pie, but is merely a demonstration of how you should be learning to cook steak pie, and teaching others how to cook steak pie. And what better way to do this than to use the best on-page SEO plugin – SEOPressor. SEOPressor provides […]

Enjoying the Benefits of Regular Tweeting By Getting it “Just Right”

Most of us recognize the fact that creating a business Twitter account is an important step in developing customer relationships and attracting new clients. Unfortunately, too many business owners have no idea how to actually reap the benefits of regular Tweeting. How much social interaction is enough? How much is too much? What should you […]

61 Ideas For Press Release Writing [Infographic]

Previously we posted an article on the “61 Ideas For Press Release Writing” which was pretty well received. It’s no surprise that we do what we love doing – making infographics for you! (See original article here.) Here’s a quick recap of the infographics that you guys love: 1) 21 Rules For Effective Social Media […]

15 Critical On-Page Optimization Factors for Sustainable SEO

Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz once suggested that the fundamental factors of conducting sustainable SEO is through a hierarchy of factors. These factors include: 1) Creating Valuable Content 2) Keyword Research and Targeting 3) Link Building 4) Social Integration The Social Metrics PRO blog has been providing lots of information on content creation, such as creating […]