‘SEOed’ Up – Tips and Tricks to Climb Up Google’s Ladder

Climbing up the Google ladder

Climbing up the Google ladder

We won’t talk about what SEO means here – any newbie would tell you what it means. Rather, we will talk about how one can go about optimizing their webpage. Google likes to play the role of a cautious Daddy, constantly tinkering its ways to see that you are following the rules. In essence, it changes its algorithms every 6 months or so, and the updates (called the Google Penguin updates) might not be a welcome one for all who try to side trick Google.

In order to optimize your website, the short hand is to simply have content that will organically show up. An “organically optimized” website contains content that contains key search phrases, thus matching it to a user’s search on Google or any other search engine. But we all know that. What many of us don’t is that SEO can target many different kinds of searches; it is not just limited to text content alone. Pictures, news items, videos – you can tag everything for SEO.

Tips to Climb up Google’s Ladder

Ever been in one of those exams where your mind went completely blank? Or perhaps an exam when a song you listened to before constantly played in your head – bereaving you from focusing on the task at hand? Well, your website might need to be optimized too – just like you needed to be in those moments!

Well, optimizing your website is not as difficult as it sounds! Here is why:

1. Promote original content.

Yes, content is the king and the first priority should be having content that isn’t copied. And yes, content should be engaging, something that visitors will bookmark and visit again. Daddy Google doesn’t want you to copy from other’s notebooks!

2. Focus on the Keywords.

Target one or two focus keyword phrases. Use those phrases in the first paragraph and in each sub heading. Remember though, keyword density should hover around 2% and not more.

3. Not all back links help!

Yes, back links do help. But not many would tell you that back links from authoritative sites can be the deal breaker. You don’t want to have back links from back bencher sites which Daddy Google doesn’t like- you need to be linked to those sites which are in the top of the class.

Well, make this simpler, will you?

For many of the newbie out there, the junk in the internet might just confuse them more. So, here is the deal. One of the main reasons to optimize your website for search engines is to get it indexed. Though the main reason is to make your pages rank higher and draw in more traffic, sometimes it is otherwise.

Not all say it, but preventing your site from getting indexed is a great tactic too!

Preventing certain pages like log in pages from getting indexed, can actually help you rank higher. You do not need Daddy Google to know everything, do you?

All fathers have a weak point for their children. What’s Google’s?

The most common and easy to learn method of SEO is simply to increase the prominence of your website. This can be done by:

  • Cross-linking to indexed sites

Cross-linking within your own site is best done when the cross-links are all to related pages, or perhaps even pages that are more important.

  • Within your own site

Perhaps the simplest way of increasing the prominence of your site is to include content with popular search phrases verbatim woven into the content.

Watch out for a few red flags!

All candies do not taste good. It’s true that you might try to SEO up your site yourself, sometimes asking professionals for help might not hurt too. You do want tutors sometimes make you pass exams, don’t you? And Daddy Google can be quite strict!

While most search engine optimizers are in their line of work to help small Internet businesses, some of them are in the business simply for their own gain. If you choose to hire an SEO team, be wary of a few warning signs. The first warning sign, and the one that is easiest to spot, is the claim of a guaranteed placement. No SEO can guarantee placement on Google or any other search engine; if your prospective SEO is claiming this, watch out! You should also never have to backlink to your SEO for their services- this is another mark of a scam. If the company you are looking at hiring is vague about what their tactics are exactly, or has contacted you by way of an email right out of the blue – without a reason, turn around and walk away! These are sure signs of scams as well.

You have heard your parents tell you not to take candies from strangers, haven’t you?

Make SEO good for you, and for your audience

The goal of search engine optimization is to put your content, the best on the market, in front of your audience. Whether you’re running a small business online or launching a new blog, you are doing it because you know that you’re the best. Keep this in mind when choosing to hire an SEO, if you go that route, or if you optimize yourself. Good SEO helps both you, and your audience or consumers. Happy optimizing!

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