Measuring Social Signals With Social Metrics Pro

Tracking and Monitoring Social Signals With Social Metrics Pro

Measuring Social Signals With SMPro

A great thing about social signals is that they can be easily measured. For marketers, the ability to track down social signals can spell the difference between failure and success for a social media marketing campaign. The reasons are simple:

1. You get to know which part of your marketing strategy is not working. Content that is not performing well (in terms of the number of social signals generated) can be deleted or amended as needed.

2. Conversion rates and sales figures can be measured more accurately.

3. You can see where your social marketing strategy is at its most effective.

Once you get your hands on these kinds of statistics and data, it’s not that hard to formulate the next move for your social media marketing strategy. For example, you can check out which parts of your website people are spending the least amount of time on. You can then direct traffic from better performing content to these areas to balance things out. Important keywords can also be checked to see if they are directing visitors to the right places the way they are supposed to.

How Do Marketers Measure Social Signals?

Thankfully, measuring social signals is not that complicated. There are a number of social analytics tools available which can be used to easily accomplish this task. Social Metrics Pro (SMPro) is among the best. It comes as a WordPress plug-in, which is great news for online marketers who use WordPress as a platform for their websites.

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Measuring your Social Signals with SMPro

A glance at the SMPro interface reveals that SMPro is one of the most intuitive social analytics tools on the market today. But the simple facade hides the fact that it is also a comprehensive and powerful instrument that will surely help your website gain more traffic and exposure.

Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy when using SMPro:

1. It can sort and filter social signals in any manner you like.

You can set your dashboard to a number of parameters such as category, publishing date, author, etc. This way, you get to see only the data that are valuable to your marketing needs.

2. It can export data to Excel and color code it according to popularity.

Reports can be exported to Excel for easier plotting and interpretation. Another great thing about SMPro is that it has a color coded scheme that can quickly show you how your posts are performing. Green is for those with a healthy amount of social activity, while red means the opposite.

3. Widget and extensions can greatly increase SMPro’s functionality.

From your WordPress dashboard, you can easily access your SMPro’s data with just a click of a button. Also, you can put up your most popular content wherever you want it on your website using SMPro’s widget.

4. SMPro’s updates are hassle-free.

All it takes to update to a newer version of SMPro is a visit and a click to the WordPress Updates page. And whenever an update to SMPro comes out, you can opt to receive an e-mail notification.

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