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Importance of Social Media Measurement

Social Media Measurement tracks social media to see how visible a brand or person is in the public eye. This is done through various monitoring platforms usually by some sort of marketing department or company. Social media in this sense covers everything from news sites to Twitter, and can measure the volume of everything from […]

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Busy Internet Marketers

Tip #1: Be Creative Don’t spend all your time creating mindless content with a handful of keywords placed throughout. Not only is that strategy less likely to work with Google’s new Panda and Penguin updates, but it’s also not effective for engaging people. When people use social media, they’re looking for peer recommendation and personal […]

Image SEO – 4 Tips To Optimize Images To Boost Your Social SEO

If there is one thing that the phenomenal growth of Pinterest can confirm about the intricacies of human nature, it’s the fact that people freaking love pictures. From charts and infographics, to pop culture memes and lolcats, we humans are very susceptible to the allure of graphics and visuals. And the Web definitely ascertained how […]

Social Media Marketing – At a Glance

Quick! What do Barack Obama, Dove soap and the food chain Wendy’s have in common? Tough question, isn’t it? But hey, If your answer has the words “social media” or “viral” in it, then you’re on the right track. Social Media Marketing’s Power Is Unleashed! From beauty soap, food chain companies and aspiring politicians, anyone […]

7 Reasons to Go Social and Mobile

Look around you. Chances are, you’re bound to see someone with a smartphone, tablet or even a phablet (those curious smartphone-tablet hybrids like the Samsung Galaxy Note) in tow. Heck, there’s also a huge possibility that you might own a unit or two of these ultra-mobile gadgets yourself – you might even be reading this […]

7 Ways YouTube Can Brand Your Business

I never would have imagined that Janet Jackson’s famous “wardrobe malfunction” would inspire the creation of one of the awesomest websites in the history of the Internet. It all started when Paypal employee Jawed Karim tried to find a copy of Janet’s famous wardrobe mishap on the Internet. He tried in vain but could not […]

8 Fresh Ideas For Google+ Updates – Keep Your Circles Engaged

Google Plus is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media networks on the net. Thanks to Google’s efficiency and attention to detail, Google Plus rises high above similar sites. The networking site has shown incredible promise when it comes to protecting the privacy of its members. In addition, the structure of your contacts […]

Viral Marketing: 6 Reasons Why You Want Your Business to Get Infected

Define “viral.” From the word itself, one can deduce that the word has something to do with the properties of viruses. In essence, something that is “viral” can be easily caught and spread over a large area in a small amount of time. Just think about how fast colds can spread. Now, append “viral” to […]