Enjoying the Benefits of Regular Tweeting By Getting it “Just Right”

Most of us recognize the fact that creating a business Twitter account is an important step in developing customer relationships and attracting new clients. Unfortunately, too many business owners have no idea how to actually reap the benefits of regular Tweeting. How much social interaction is enough? How much is too much? What should you be saying to your audience, and how can you tell if it’s effective?

The good news is that Twitter is far less mysterious than you may have initially thought. To help you realize the full benefits of regular Tweeting, here’s a look at a few simple tricks that will enable you to get your Twitter account “just right”.

What’s your Frequency?

The first thing to consider when Tweeting is how often you will make a post – after all, there’s a direct link between the frequency of your Tweets and the amount of followers you attract. So how often should you Tweet? You certainly don’t want to become a “noisy” or annoying Tweeter by posting non-stop, but you also don’t want to be viewed by your client base as anti-social or inactive. The trick is to find the perfect medium that will allow you to connect with your audience in a way that will capture their interest without eating up too much of your time. A good rule of thumb is to Tweet at least four times a day, with at least one hour separating each post.

Does this sound like too much to manage and think about? It can stressful for business owners to attempt to come up with an engaging, relevant post every hour or so throughout the day – dealing with the hustle and bustle of the office is challenge enough! The good news is that you can still enjoy the benefits of regular Tweeting, even if you don’t have the time to post four separate times throughout the day.

Automatic social content sharing plugins such as TaleOut makes it possible for you to schedule Tweets so that they automatically post to your account at time intervals specified by you. So as you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning (before things get really busy), you can take a few minutes to come up with a few interesting thoughts, articles, or re-Tweets that you’d like to post, and then forget about them for the rest of the day.

Think Links

Did you know that the majority of Tweets that get re-Tweeted contain hyperlinks? Whether you choose to link your followers to internal information like a special product promotion or one of your blog articles, or if you are sharing an article or piece of useful information from an external site, it can make a significant impact on the amount of attention that your Twitter account gets. Each time your followers re-Tweet your posts, it’s like you’re getting free advertising for your brand name. So if you want to up the stakes and draw in a larger Twitter following, it’s important that at least one of your daily posts includes an engaging, relevant hyperlink that you feel will inspire your audience. For best results, be sure to incorporate a balanced number of original posts, links to internal information, and external links.

Sharing and Caring

We know that posting frequently is an important part of Tweeting, but that doesn’t mean you should Tweet just to Tweet. In order to reap the benefits of regular Tweeting, you must not only share a certain amount of information per day, but you also must care about the message that is being sent. Creating monotonous posts, sending your followers to irrelevant links, or providing inaccurate information is a sure way to push fellow Tweeters away from your account instead of building a larger following. Always stay focused and tailor your messages to your target audience. Ultimately, this is the best way to obtain the most legitimate leads, nurture customer relationships, and make sure that the word is spread about your brand.

Analyze Everything

In order to maximize the benefits of regular Tweeting, you must take the time to evaluate your efforts. Analytics tools that enable you to monitor clicks, favorited Tweets, re-Tweets, and mentions via Keyword tracking and other monitoring devices are invaluable for business Tweeters. This will enable you to discover which types of posts your readers are responding to the most so that you can offer them similar Tweets in the future. Not only will this keep your followers loyal, but it will also encourage re-Tweeting and draw in a larger audience. On the flip side, analytics will help you to discover what’s not working so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

When you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of regular Tweeting. By sticking with these tricks, you’re sure to get it “just right”.

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Daniel Tan: A veteran Internet Marketer. Founder of SomoThemes, Social Metrics Pro, SEOPressor and XTabApps. Daniel's focus is to simplify marketing with technology, to help marketers reach more people in an organized and effective way.

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