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Social Metrics Pro – Today’s Guide to Social Media Marketing for Web 3.0

In this Internet age, no marketer should be left behind when it comes to technology – especially with online social media. It is one of the most competitive places to be in, and also one of the most rewarding. The concepts behind social media marketing are easy enough to grasp, but implementing them is another […]

15 Forgotten Benefits of Email Marketing

Despite the rise in other forms of online marketing, email still remains an extremely effective medium for reaching new consumers and cementing connections with existing customers. Email marketing is versatile, low-outlay and very rapid, offering a fast and efficient means of communication that translates into increased revenue. Here is a run-down of some benefits of […]

Get A Brand Journalist, Not Just A Content Writer

As individuals and businesses go about their daily activities of promoting, advertising and selling products and services in a wide range of mediums, having the right marketing mindset is critical. For example, while a marketer will often do a good job of developing an effective strategy based on standard marketing techniques and planning, it is […]

Social Media Marketing Is Paying Off In the Penguin Age

The first half of 2012 was a tumultuous period for SEO and SEM industries. As Google started rolling algorithm updates at full throttle, many were left hanging and wondering why their rankings on SERPs suddenly took a nosedive. A huge number of small-scale businesses bore the full brunt of the Google Penguin- Google’s last major […]

Measuring Social Signals With Social Metrics Pro

A great thing about social signals is that they can be easily measured. For marketers, the ability to track down social signals can spell the difference between failure and success for a social media marketing campaign. The reasons are simple: 1. You get to know which part of your marketing strategy is not working. Content […]

10 Creative Secrets For Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

You guys love infographics! And we love making them for you! So this week we present to you, “10 Creative Secrets For Social Media Marketing” – as an Infographic, so we hope you enjoy this one as much as you did with our previous infographic, “21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing“! If you like […]

10 Most Popular WordPress Analytics Plugins Review

“In order to manage, you first have to measure!” is the mantra that many companies have adopted when determining their organizational performance, be it ROI or data analysis. So when it comes to Online Marketing, we need tools to see how well we’re actually managing our efforts. In the digital world, we take in factors such […]

Exploring the Role of Social Signals in Web 3.0

Like everything else on this planet, the Web also undergoes an evolutionary process. And it is happening right before our very eyes. Right now, the beginnings of Web 3.0 are starting to unfold, along with the mysteries of how social signals would become such a integral part of the new semantic web. What Should I Expect […]