5 Stories Social Metrics Pro Can Tell You

What Social Metrics Pro Helps You Determine

5 Stories Social Metrics Pro Can Tell You

The world of SEO is constantly in flux. Tactics and techniques that would once have yielded superior page rankings no longer work as well as they used to, if at all; even well-optimized WordPress sites filled with quality content are sinking in the search results. You may be wondering how your competitors’ pages stay at the top while all your SEO efforts leave you lagging behind.

Social Signals Have Taken Over

The answer lies in changes made to Google’s Panda algorithm, the proprietary formula that determines the position of a page in Google’s rankings. Google now places a high premium on your site’s social media profile. The more people are talking about you on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter, the higher your page ranking will be.


These days, we all know the value of social media as a way of raising a site’s profile; but not everyone has an effective social strategy. Now there’s no need to fly blind: Social Metrics Pro gives you all the information you need to take complete control of your social media strategy. Here are five crucial streams of information that Social Metrics Pro can convey.

1: Volume

Volume — the amount of discussion and traffic that your site, campaign or brand is getting via social networks is a vital part of the picture. You need to get a broad overview of how things are going. There are two main parts to this story: how many people are talking about you and how much they’re saying. Do you have a small but active and involved base or a larger but less committed one? How is this pattern changing over time?

2: Engagement

Once you get a rough idea of the volume of traffic, you can dial in your focus on the kind and degree of engagement that people discussing your site are displaying. Social Metrics Pro gives you a way to see how many people are sharing your content — via Facebook shares, Twitter re-tweets or Pinterest repins, for example. You can also see how people are responding to your content: the number of Likes and comments.

3: Reach

The reach of your site is a measure of your audience. While it’s obvious that a large audience is a good thing, that’s not the whole story; by looking at engagement with your site or brand across the full volume of your social media presence, you can get an idea of the true reach of your brand. Social Metrics Pro furnishes you with clear, easy-to-understand visual feedback that can let you assess your reach at a glance.

4: Voice

Knowing that you have a voice in the social media world is one thing — but what if our competitors are shouting louder than we are? Tallying your share of voice in a social media context is an important part of evaluating the effectiveness of a current strategy and working towards new ones. Without clear, detailed information on your own social media metrics, this is hard to evaluate.

5: Influence

As well as knowing who you’re reaching and through what channels, it’s also good to know what kind of influence your audience has. Are they encouraging people in their network to get involved — to visit your site, to buy your product, to write about you? Gaining a better idea of who’s talking and what they can do for your brand is a vital element of your social media story.

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