Get A Brand Journalist, Not Just A Content Writer

Journalist with a marketing mindset

Get A Brand Journalist, Not Just A Content Writer

As individuals and businesses go about their daily activities of promoting, advertising and selling products and services in a wide range of mediums, having the right marketing mindset is critical. For example, while a marketer will often do a good job of developing an effective strategy based on standard marketing techniques and planning, it is really only someone who has a good grasp of language who can fully promote a product or service effectively.

One of the most effective combinations for promoting and marketing a product or service is by enlisting the services of a journalist with a genuine marketing mindset. The synergy that is created through a combined journalistic and marketing driven strategy is indeed powerful.

Entertaining, Educational and Highly Informative

In addition, this synergy created by combining journalistic and marketing efforts produce material that is entertaining, educational and highly informative. This combination can inspire and entice customers to buy a product or service that they may have otherwise not purchased due to lack of information or vision. Initiating a marketing strategy without an underlying amount of relevant and informative content usually results in lost sales and strayed customers. When a journalistic quality is added to a marketing program or strategy, it typically results in better conversion rates and better overall sales. This is obviously why hiring a journalist with a marketing mindset is an excellent approach to increasing sales and building a large customer base.

Incorporates Current Events and Up-To-Date Issues Into Marketing Plans

When taking a journalistic online marketing approach to sales, brands can incorporate current events and up-to-date issues. Citing current events and recent newsworthy issues in an advertisement or other marketing program generally results in better performance. Tuning into customer needs and desires as they relate to current issues and events is far more effective than a standardardized marketing plan.

Better Copywriting than Copywriters

Journalist with a marketing mindset

Get A Brand Journalist, Not Just A Content Writer

A highly talented brand journalist who is able to incorporate marketing strategies into a well thought out and well-planned article or other informative writing can generally accomplish far more than a standard marketer. Other factors that likely make the journalistic approach to marketing more effective include the clever use of language, as well as the use of language that is designed to inspire, inform and create images in the mind of customers.

Understands The Intricacies of Brand Marketing

Finding a talented individual who is not only a consummate journalist, but someone who also understands the intricacies of brand marketing can often be a challenge, but isn’t impossible. So if you have indeed found one, make sure they’re paid well or you risk having them being poached by other companies. There’s no better person that understand the ideals and ways to communicate your organizational message across, especially not freelance content authors, than a brand journalist because they write about your brand, for your brand.

Storytelling and Visual Imagery That Sells

By incorporating excellence in creative journalism with the science of principles of marketing, an individual or a business can expect to accelerate their growth, increase their sales, and grow their overall client and lead base. The possibilities are endless in terms of what a journalistic approach to marketing can do for a company or individual. While a marketer may indeed market products and services, a highly experienced brand journalist can bring a product or service to life through the use of words. It is through this creative and clever use of language that a journalist is able to tell a story and paint a visual picture of a product or service. It is this storytelling and visual imagery that ultimately will sell products and services far beyond what any standardized textbook marketing approach could ever accomplish. That’s why personally, I think entrepreneurs and individuals should indeed hire a journalist with a marketing mindset.

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