9 Reasons to Use Press Release Distribution For Off-Page SEO

Nine Advantages of Press Release Backlink Distribution

9 Reasons to use Press Release Distribution

So you’ve done all of your on-page SEO and have been religiously checking and updating all your social media profiles – well done. But I’m afraid that isn’t quite enough if you thought all that could get you to the top of SERPs. If you’re new to SEO, it’s time to take out your pen and paper and take down some key points of off-page SEO.

SEO Marketing

As most of us know, SEO marketing can be loosely defined as the techniques to get your brand to the top of Google search pages for maximum online presence. This includes three specific modules which are social media marketing, on page SEO and off-page backlinking.

So what makes each of them important for SEO?

Social Media Marketing

We engage in social media to attract likes, followers, retweets, linkedin endorsements and to even gain authority on Google+. In short, we want to be socially reputable online so we strive hard in marketing to obtain as many social signals for our brand as possible.

If you haven’t already known, social signals play a crucial role in allowing you to rank high on search engines especially Google’s – so don’t get left behind.

On Page SEO

These are things we literally see with our eyes as typical users of the internet but more importantly – these are the things that Google will see and we maximize our efforts to help eliminate all the blind spots and feed all the data necessary for Google to easily put you at the top of SERPs. This usually involves keywords research and a few fundamental on-page optimization techniques.

Off-page backlinking using Press Release Distribution Service

Now we’ve come to the most exciting part of this article – off-page backlinking. Yes, it’s true that social signals have replaced backlinks since the Google Animal Updates as the main search ranking factors, but it does not mean that backlinks have been completely excluded entirely from the off-page SEO scene.

So to recap, backlinks are those targeted links that you see circulating around the internet that points back to a specific website, and many of these links are distributed intentionally by the owners or affiliates of these specific websites. At the end of the day, the whole point of backlinks is to have many of them seeded across the interweb so that people would come to your site, increase its traffic and assist your website in ranking higher on SERPs.

How do we do this?

We use a press release distribution service to distribute our backlinks far and wide across the entire Internet. What happens with a typical press release distribution service is that it takes your press releases and distributes across their syndicated media outlets, and sometimes even Google News. Once all these sites are indexed by Google, you can expect a steady flow of traffic coming in over the next few weeks.

Apart from increased traffic, here are 9 other reasons why we should be distributing press release onto online news centres

1. Incredibly Large Audience

More than 80 million people are reading the news – that’s a lot of traffic and profit potential if you think about it. As long as you write a quality press release that’s worth reading, people would flock by and give you the benefit you deserve. However, that doesn’t give you the green light to turn your press release into an advertisement.

2. Better Rapport and Trust

When people keep reading or hearing about something so often, before you know it – your brand will be at the centre of attention with customers and journalists that empathize and support your cause. In this case however, any publicity is not necessarily good publicity, so keep it clean and newsworthy so you don’t end up giving people a reason to sue.

3. Reputation Marketing

Press releases can help you manage your reputation, especially if you’ve been getting negatively flamed for something you haven’t actually done. Your optimized press releases have the capability of covering the first few pages of SERPs and bump out other websites instantly especially when it goes viral. So whatever negative reviews that you previously had would be pushed back into the far regions of SERPs, and you’ll regain the positive reputation that you once had.

4. Provides Potential Prospects with Fresh Updates

Though this doesn’t involve SEO directly, the achievements and advancements of your company highlighted in your press release will allow your customers and investors to get the the most recent news about your brand, and simultaneously lets people know how successful you are through your accomplishments.

5. Establish Expertise

If you’re sharing newsworthy content, you must give your audience something worth reading about so you should have to be an expert that shares valuable information. If done correctly, you gain credibility so when people like and agree with what you have to say, they’re more likely to buy the product or service that you offer.

6. Affordable Off-Page SEO

Compared to pay-per-click advertising, press release distribution is certainly the more valued choice for SEO Marketing. Its results are also more observable and measurable than social media marketing.

7. Viral and Social Distribution

In the age of social media and online sharing, any press release newsworthy enough will be shared multiple times through various social platforms. This will result in a domino effect where your news can spread across networks that will drive more online users to read and share your awesome content, thereby generating more leads and more sales.

8. RSS syndication

This is often forgotten as another source of traffic. Users that search for their news through RSS newsreaders are essentially another untapped source of prospective clients. Using press release distribution extends your reach to these audiences, gaining their mindshare and the potential purchase of your product or service.

9. Google Indexing

Once your press releases are indexed by top news search engines, your content is permanently stored inside Google’s (or any other search engine’s) database for easy accessibility. Consumers, journalists, and other interested parties can then easily find your content should they ever search for them on Google.

Generally, press release distribution is an effective and cost-efficient way to get found, increase traffic and generate sales. If you haven’t included press release distribution in your SEO Marketing, it’s probably a good time to start now.

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