SEO Rank Tracking – Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

SEO is a long process of work and update. Throughout the process, there are a lot of tools you can use to simplify the workload and, SEO rank tracking is a popular tool. Rank tracking is about tracking/analyzing the organic positions of keywords in time. 

You will learn:

  • Understand SEO rank tracking meaning and its importance.
  • How to do rank tracking effectively.
  • Things you should know before and after do rank tracking.

Knowing where you rank for specific keywords is essential to your overall SEO strategy. After all, ranking top for your keywords ensures huge share of organic search traffic. In turn, you gain more leads and a boost in brand awareness.

Keeping tabs on your SERP rankings is a critical component of any digital marketing campaign. It helps you effectively grow your online presence, traffic, and improve your conversion rates. That ultimately results in a boost in revenue. That’s why getting the best SEO rank tracking tool must be a priority.

What does SEO Rank Tracking mean?

Keyword ranking positions are simple to understand. Rankings measure where your site shows up on the search page for any given keyword.

Rank tracking is the process of checking and analyzing where your keyword ranks on the SERPs (search engine result pages). These include keywords you use on your site, both you don’t optimize for, and those for which competitors are ranking.

Why do we need to do it?

Do you know that search engines are the starting point for 68% of online experiences? But within billions of searches that happen on a day, 15% of daily searches are new to Google. So among these results, knowing where you are standing is crucial to start optimizing your content marketing.

To Increase Your Business Visibility

When doing rank tracking, you can determine how well your keywords are ranking currently in the SERPs. It helps you to identify best performing keywords that will increase your visibility.

Monitoring how your site ranks on search engines and analyzing keywords can help you achieve better SEO performance. These are essential factors to grow your online presence, organic reach, and boost conversion rates.

To Monitor Your Sites Rank Positions

By monitoring rank position, you can determine which keywords are working great for you. If the ranking falls, you can also check the reason behind the downfall, such as competitors outranking your site, technical errors, etc. After all, you can use this information to fix the issue and improve your rankings.

While executing SEO strategies, or in between major marketing campaigns, receiving an immediate alert when your rankings drop can help you make fast decisions to improve the campaign

Let’s say your website ranking has slipped from the 9th to the 11th position, which means your website is now on the second page of the search engines. From receiving the rank tracker’s alert, you can quickly generate more content or search for underdeveloped keywords to help boost traffic.

To Assess Your Competitors

SEO rank tracking tool is a great way to find the keywords that are working for your competitors in achieving high ranks. Understanding how your competitors are performing can help you make informed decisions about your own marketing and content strategies. You can also find which keywords they are missing and how they perform for your target keywords. Plus, you can also discover best-performing content, backlinks, online presence, social engagement, etc. 

The tools allow you to select the right keywords for your site wisely to rank for while making informed decisions.

You can also use rank trackers to help you follow competitors and monitor their traffic. For example, if you generate content for the same type of keywords as your competitor, but your competitor still ranks higher, you can examine their content to see why they’re outperforming you.

To Find Keyword Opportunities

When you continuously track for important keywords, it becomes easier to find better keyword opportunities according to search volume, ranking pages, search intent, and competition. This helps you prioritize keywords efficiently.

In addition, you can also keep your eye on keywords that help the potential to rank higher, or the ones that not doing good.

What do you need to do before tracking your rank?

You probably need to have a good idea of what keywords are most important for your business. 

The search terms that are displayed in SEO ranking reports are the keywords people use to search for specific information. For example, if someone wants to find a new pillow, they might search for “most comfortable pillow” or “best pillow for a good night’s sleep.” These phrases are the SEO keywords that the rank report generates to help businesses understand what their consumers are searching for and how to attract their attention.

If you’re the owner of a restaurant, you’d be missing out if you didn’t really care about ranking highly for local search keywords like “restaurant near me.” 

However, there are a lot of different variants on searches about restaurants – may be a potential customer will search for “restaurant” or “restaurants” or “restaurant menu.” 

Eventually, “find restaurants nearby” or potentially hundreds of other variants can out. What about someone searching for the best fine dining in town or the best restaurant for date night? You want to show up for those searches, too.

This is where keyword research and SEO come in. You need to have your list of targeted keywords first. You cannot do tracking work if you do not know what you should put on the search bar.

How to do rank tracking?

#1. Track manually

The first way involves manually checking keywords by searching for terms using the incognito window and scrolling until you find your site. 

However, this can be challenging, considering you most probably target more than one keyword. How about typing your keyword into Google, counting the results, and then adding your position to a spreadsheet? This is not exactly ideal. Especially if you want to track a larger number of keywords, or you have a lot of sites, manual tracking is a waste of time.

#2. Use Google Search Console 

The second option is to use Google Search Console. Google Search Console’s “Performance” report contains many of the basic pieces of data you’ll need to rely on for SEO. One of those is the keywords that your site and pages rank for, called “queries” within the tool.

To see your keywords in Google Search Console, log in to the tool, click “Performance,” and scroll down the page.

You can also see what keywords your individual pages rank for. Although this tool is free, it requires a bit of heavy lifting when tracking keywords.

#3. Use an SEO Rank Tracking Tool

The third and recommended option is to use a rank tracking tool.

What is a rank tracker?

An SEO rank tracker is an important SEO tool that should be in every serious marketer’s arsenal. After all, manually checking keyword rankings for every keyword you’re targeting is next to impossible, because there are usually several keywords, and rank can change regularly. 

These tools help you measure the performance and optimization efforts of your SEO strategy. There are a lot more reasons why you need these tools.

Simply type in the keywords you want to track, and the tool will do the rest. The rank tracking tool will then monitor your rankings and notify you of any changes to your rankings.

Why you should use a tracker tool?

It provides beneficial support to companies and organizations. Knowledge is power! And asset tracking gives you knowledge about all of your company’s assets. With real-time information about the assets your company owns, you can make more informed and better decisions about procurement and usage.

In addition, rank trackers operate autonomously. They are outside your site, hence no direct connection will be detected to your site. Alternatively, some of the rank tracking tools give you options to prevent search engines from temporarily blocking your IP when you send numerous queries. They offer search safety options that minimize your risk or prevent the use of your IP address.

So with the effectiveness and safety that rank tracking tools bring, you can do your work much easier. It saves your time knowing your ranking while monitoring your changes.

Since Google Search Console only provides the average rank, rank tracking tools offer much more specificity. It helps to notify you if your website has dropped its position on one or multiple search engines. 

Our recommendation: BiQ’s Rank Tracking

There are a lot of tools for you to do rank tracking, and BiQ’s rank tracking tool is what we want to introduce you.

BiQ concentrates on working around keywords. From research to content creation, it focuses on using correct keywords that lead to better business ranking. 

BiQ’s Rank Tracking is one of the best SERP tracker tools when you want to track your site’s SEO status real fast. With a modified system that minimizes manual keyword inputs, there is more efficiency through the automated tracking procedure. 

BiQ Rank tracking tool's feature

Rank Tracking starts from a simple registration. Through the process, the platform monitors your business’s SEO position daily. You can access all your SERP results through the created profile.

The tool gives you many benefits beyond just helping you monitor your site‘s performance in search engines. It helps you identify which SEO techniques work, monitor your competitors’ performance, and more. 

One of the metrics that you may want to include in the report would be the performance of the ranking. This includes how many keywords have started to rank since your last report, what are their last positions, and the performance change over time. Guess what? You can easily find all these data in Rank Tracking.

Here is how you will see your keyword ranking.

BiQ Rank tracking tool's feature

If you want to sort keyword types, the tag features in Rank Tracking allow you to divide relevant keywords into several groups, making it easier for you to track them. You can categorize them according to quality, content topic, and importance.

BiQ Rank tracking tool's feature

Moreover, you can check the rankings drop with just a temporary blip or gradually dropping. You can also do your analyzing work easier by comparing within days or weekly rankings.

BiQ Rank tracking tool's feature

BiQ’s Rank Tracking also allows you to keep a rank tracking profile of your competitors. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to identify the keywords that they are targeting and start putting some effort to compete with them on those keywords.

You can do this by creating a new profile using your competitors’ URL.

BiQ Rank tracking tool's feature

With BiQ, you can also save your budget. Why? Because you will only pay for what you use, and don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. In other words, if you want to use BiQ for keyword ranking purposes, then you will be charged on the Rank Tracking part.

What to do after knowing your rankings

Once you’ve analyzed the SEO metrics and you’ve known your SEO performance, it’s time to make some tweaks so you can improve your techniques and drive better results.

Now you have your top priority target keywords with high search volume, and the greatest chance for your website to rank, and you know how to format other ranking content for keywords. What you’ll need to optimize and boost your SEO performance varies depending on the results you’ve got from monitoring and analyzing the various metrics.

After shortlisting your potential keywords, you can use your expertise. Then you can create valuable posts and pages for your target users.

Then, go again for keyword research and track the keywords you just optimized. SEO is a long-term process. So does the work of rank tracking, you need to continuously repeat the steps.


SEO rank trackers provide beneficial support to companies and organizations, enabling them to make important decisions that can help their businesses flourish. To gain the insights you need to keep ahead of the competition in the organic search content space, you’ll want to revisit each step in a cyclical manner to achieve superior SEO content performance!

An SEO rank tracking tool like BiQ is definitely suitable for every business. With a range of detailed data and features, you can get your fullest keyword ranking insights.

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