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Social Media Works: 10 Ways Social Media K.O Traditional Media

I was asked why Social Media is now better than traditional media, I answered with some questions: 1) “Tell me about the last product you have bought after watching an ad on the traditional media”. Most time are spent on online media than on traditional media, and “Media” has so been brought down to a […]

Why Visual Content Is Rocking The Social Media World

Social Content Has Gone Visual The snowball of visual content marketing started with Pinterest – that little, phenomenal, photo-sharing social network, whose recent rise to fame was deemed to be one of the fastest ever in Internet history (a growth rate of 85% percent was reported in the period of January to February 2012 alone). […]

25 Tweaks To Capture Attention In Social Networks

We talked about how to build your social signals. I believe everyone has an account in the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on. Today we are going to talk about 25 overlooked tweaks that will help you capture attention in the social networks, a total of 25 of […]

What You Need to Know About Google+

The world of social media is constantly evolving. With this evolution we have seen Google grow. One by-product of this growth has been the development of Google+ (G+). This new kid on the block when it comes to social media is taking the world by storm. It has given Facebook and Twitter a run for […]

Social Signals Infographic: The Process Of Algorithm Change

How search ranking algorithm is changing from backlinks to relying social signals. By Daniel Tan

Top Ten Survival Tips For Online Marketers After the Google Panda and Penguin Updates

The last couple of years have seen an explosion of major changes in the way search engines, particularly Google, calculate a webpage’s rank on user search queries. Google is the most used search engine on the Internet, and a huge number of websites relied on their Google rankings for web presence and visibility. These updates […]

Social Signals Are Taking Over Backlinking in SEO, Experts Speculated

Google’s Penguin update lately has sent many sites exploiting backlinks under the sea, undiscoverable. The question is, has Social Signal replaced backlink as the new “vote”? Savvy web marketers are turning to social media marketing to boost their social signals and spending less time on backlinking efforts due to the new search engine algorithms in […]

What You Need to Know to Make LinkedIn Work for You

Today more than ever businesses and business professionals are looking for way to gain more exposure and to network with others. Networking is about building connections with others. These can be businesses that you hope to possibly work with or individuals that you’d like to learn more about or use their services. The social media […]