The SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing Power Triad: What These Guys Can Do For Your Social Marketing Strategy

The SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing Power Triad

The SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing Power Triad

If you’re a marketer living in the 21st century, you’d most likely depend on one or all of SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing for your online promotional and marketing campaigns. However, different businesses often put varying degrees of importance to each stream depending on their marketing needs and how reliable they perceive each stream to be. For example, while some companies would go all out on social media by launching elaborate campaigns on Facebook and Twitter or putting up creative visual gimmicks on Pinterest – they might neglect email marketing and not provide a way for people to sign up for newsletters and effectively generate new leads.

If you really want to ramp up your online marketing strategy, you need to utilize the power triad – SEO, social media and email marketing as a whole. Instead of treating and using them individually, it’s best to implement them as one elaborate tool that can help your website get to the top.

Here is an overview on how important each traffic source really is so that you’ll have an idea of how to implement them in your future social marketing campaigns.

Why Go For Search Engine Optimization?

What’s the first thing you do if you want to find more information about a company or a particular product? You search for it on Google, right?

Here at Social Metrics Pro, we put a premium on the value of search engine optimization. We implement a number of optimization techniques to get our way to the top spots on Google SERPs. Most people place a lot of trust in search engine results; they want to read or see content that is relevant and valuable too them. This is why having a great SEO strategy in place is a great way to build a trusted reputation for your website.

Why Go For Social Media?

This is pretty obvious. Social media is one of the greatest things that the Internet can offer humanity. Not engaging in social media networking can be disastrous for any modern company in this age. The figures that social media marketing can produce are always astounding; simple viral campaigns that are hosted on social networks have the capacity to produce ROIs that are simply out of this world. And now that social signals have become an important ranking factor for search engines, the world of social media has never seemed more enticing and significant.

Why Go For Email Marketing?

Email was essentially the first kind of social network to be formed on the Internet. People formed groups and interacted with each other through email. It is also the first form of online marketing – people would subscribe to newsletters from companies and businesses they were interested in.

Even though email is an old medium for marketing, it is also the one that can promise the most reliable results. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

5 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

1. Almost everybody has an email address. You need an email account to sign up for most online services, including social media networking websites.

2. The first thing that people will check when logging onto the Internet is their email inboxes. When you send out an email message to your readers and followers, you can be sure that they will receive it.

3. Email feels more personal and secure. You are directing your message to an individual not to a whole group of people.

4. Email is more private. It’s a two way communication process between the sender and receiver.

5. Email subscribers are usually more committed and loyal to a business. It takes more effort and initiative to give out a personal email address than merely liking a page on Facebook.

So the best strategy here is to use the other two traffic sources (SEO and social media) to build a strong email subscriber list. For example, if you have a blog, you can let your followers know that you have published a new article by sharing it on your social media accounts. Your subscribers will automatically receive news about the updates on your blog to their inbox (or you could directly send the article to their inboxes).

Also, make sure that you provide evergreen content that is easily shareable and searchable. Search engines and people love this. Once you’ve got the right kind of content down, make sure to provide some sort of call-to-action so that people have the option to gain more value from your brand. Put social sharing buttons or a “Subscribe to Email Newsletter” button somewhere on your site where people can easily see it.

This way, you can ensure that you’ve used the power triad in the most efficient and effective manner for your online marketing efforts.

*Do you still remember the other benefits of Email Marketing?

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