8 Fresh Ideas For Google+ Updates – Keep Your Circles Engaged

Keeping your Google+ circles engaged

8 Fresh Ideas to Engage your Google+ Circles

Google Plus is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media networks on the net. Thanks to Google’s efficiency and attention to detail, Google Plus rises high above similar sites. The networking site has shown incredible promise when it comes to protecting the privacy of its members. In addition, the structure of your contacts in Google Plus allows you to organize people you know into a variety of groups from colleagues to ex-partners. Thus, the simplicity of the site has made it stand out. However, how do you engage and update your circles? There are a few ways to keep everyone in your circle updated on your life. The following eight examples I present will help you understand Google Plus by keeping your circles on their toes when it comes to updates.

1) Link to a Compelling Industry Article

I think one of the best ways to engage circles is by linking to a compelling article that covers a current issue in your industry. You can provide a comment on the piece, and then ask your circles for their opinions. This will help inform and engage colleagues who have not been aware about a particular issue. It is also a good way to brainstorm ideas without the pressures of the boardroom.

2) Link to Other Social Media Accounts

Your Google Plus account should be linked with your other social media accounts as soon as you sign up. This will keep your accounts all together in one location. I think that this keeps things simple, and it can help you reach out to your entire online network thanks to linked updates. This can ensure that everyone from your circle is engaged in your life no matter what platform they happen to be using.

3) Link to Favorite Blogs

As a Google Plus user, I like to think of my circles as people who are interested in similar things. Thus, it is a good idea for you to post content from your favorite lifestyle blogs. This will allow circles to see what types of things you enjoy to read, such as travel or cooking articles or even DIY blogs. When you post updated content, circles can check it out for themselves. This can help promote like-minded posts from others as well. Anyone who loves to read blogs also loves to discover new ones. This will allow Google Plus members the ability to enlighten circles about their preferred reading.

4) Quote a Favorite Mentor or Inspiration

Google Plus users can update their status with practically anything. Why not show your love of a particular writer, philosopher, or even a comedian? A simple quote can speak volumes about what you believe. You could use an opportunity like this to promote your ideas and quotes to your circles so that others understand your personal philosophy.

5) Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

You should always try to post pictures from trips or special events. I think that this is one of the easiest ways to keep circles updated on your life without having to read through a blog or old status updates. Pictures are instant and familiar. They help keep you familiar with your contacts. Pictures should not be too crazy or raunchy. You never knows who may be looking at them!

6) Music Makes the World Go Round

Music is another great way for you to engage circles. Musical taste is such a personal choice. However, it is always great to learn about new songs or artists. By sharing a favorite song or band, you can show others in you circles what kind of music genres you prefer. As a result, someone with a similar taste in music can help them find new artists. Thus, music is a great way to keep circles engaged in your daily activities.

7) Travel Plans

You never know who you might meet next. It is always a great idea to share travel plans on your updates. This can alert people who may have the same itinerary. This may lead you to an exciting encounter with someone in your circle. Even if you do not meet up with people from your circles, they may have some great advice to offer you. As a result, you may get to see something you may not have thought of visiting had it not been for the advice that you received. Thus, updating travel plans on Google Plus helps keep your circles aware of your lifestyle.

8) Invite Circles Out to the Real World!

Google Plus is all about sharing information and ideas. I think the best way to keep circles updated and engaged is to actually interact with them in real life. Invite circles to hang out at special events or a party. This will help keep a connection strong and relevant. It would be a shame to have a powerful acquaintance who you never saw except for every few months. You should build your friendships and practice networking skills in real life. This is why inviting circles to real events can help keep that relationship strong. In the end, that is all that matters because without these connections there would be no one to engage in the first place. Always think to invite your different circles to bars, events, or parties you plan on attending. Even if it is not for a big event and you do not see the contact for long, some common ground can be established in order for you both to continue the connection online as well.

In conclusion, there are many ways for Google Plus users to update their status and engage their circles. It just requires deep thinking about what you like and dislike. Members can use their own preferences to engage others into their online world of blogs, pictures, articles and more. One thing members should not do is air dirty laundry or anything too personal online. Social media platforms are often abused in this way. Nobody wants to hear about a bad breakup or from a friend who shares too much information. I know I don’t.

Things that were meant to be private, should be kept private. However, a person who posts about things they love and find inspiring will be sure to engage their circles positively.

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