10 Creative Secrets For Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

You guys love infographics! And we love making them for you! So this week we present to you, “10 Creative Secrets For Social Media Marketing” – as an Infographic, so we hope you enjoy this one as much as you did with our previous infographic, “21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing“! If you like […]

10 Most Popular WordPress Analytics Plugins Review

“In order to manage, you first have to measure!” is the mantra that many companies have adopted when determining their organizational performance, be it ROI or data analysis. So when it comes to Online Marketing, we need tools to see how well we’re actually managing our efforts. In the digital world, we take in factors such […]

Exploring the Role of Social Signals in Web 3.0

Like everything else on this planet, the Web also undergoes an evolutionary process. And it is happening right before our very eyes. Right now, the beginnings of Web 3.0 are starting to unfold, along with the mysteries of how social signals would become such a integral part of the new semantic web. What Should I Expect […]

37 Social WordPress Plugins of 2012

If you have landed on this article, it is most likely by chance or through a search on Google (or your otherwise preferred search engine) for a social wordpress plugin. If it’s the latter, then I would say that you’ve come to the right place. Social Media Marketing has become the norm now since the […]

10 Tantalizing Tips To Twitter Marketing

Its simplicity is probably the reason why Twitter is so insanely popular and addicting. Even businesses and entrepreneurs are catching up on the tweeting trend. From large, established brands to your friendly neighborhood mom-and-pop establishments, almost everyone has a Twitter account nowadays. It has become an indispensable medium for online marketers. But as simple as […]

Top 8 Social Marketing Best Practices

Social media and social network are the new way the world works. Everyone is participating to some extent and the cost set against a business for not entering are very steep indeed. It’s no longer good enough to just have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus page. You need to find away to monetize […]

10 Ways to Drive New Leads Through Social Marketing

Many people would agree that social media has become a norm in the online world of lead generation. Social media amplifies the potential of the Internet by allowing individuals, customers and business leads to share information and contacts. It’s not the only way to generate leads, but anyone serious about building their list of leads […]

Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Marketing

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a measure of performance management used by different organizations to evaluate the success or failure of a particular product, marketing campaign or activity in which the company is involved. The list of KPIs differ from industry to industry and also from one company to another within the same industry. The […]

Socially Awkward: How to Keep Your Social Media Campaign from Turning on You

By now you probably know that social media can be a highly effective marketing tool when used correctly. Unfortunately, it can also be a great way to alienate customers or make yourself look downright silly. There are lots of things you should avoid doing in social media, and marketing in general for that matter. But, […]

Google Rankings: Just How Much Do Social Signals Come Into Play?

Everyone is wondering what works best for SEO, and many search experts are of the opinion that search has become social. They’re right. Google’s newest algorithm places a great deal of importance on social signals. Social media mentions and interactions are playing a major part in search engine placement. Of course, this doesn’t mean that […]