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Subject: First Page Ranking with Effective SEO: 3rd Pillar Revealed!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

A HUGE Event is happening right NOW, but let me first talk about the 3 Pillars.

The 3 Pillars of effective SEO (that works):
a) On-page SEO
b) Off-page SEO (backlinking)
c) Social Signals Optimization

We know about on-page and off-page very well. But have you started
working on optimizing your Social Signals?

Google has confirmed that they are tracking and picking up collective information
about a site’s social presences. They termed this “Social Signals”.

In other words, a site with great social signals tends to rank higher.

Daniel has tested this a lot and it is right. The better your social signals are, the
higher your site will rank.

Daniel’s tests on a network of 2,000+ sites (by turning REDS to GREENS):
– Top 10% of the sites show up to 360% more traffic, 410% more keywords ranked
into first page of Google and 310% more revenues!

I have “turning REDS to GREENS” bold. Yep, that’s the Social Signal Analytics Plugin
that Daniel is going to release tomorrow! We have been using this plugin to track our
social signals. It shows RED when we are not doing well, and gradually turning GREEN
when we are getting better. At the same time, we see improvement in traffic, ranking and revenues!

If you want to manage your social signals, first, you need to measure them! And that’s
what you are getting tomorrow! A great plugin that will track your Social Signals the
way Google’s tracking them! I think you need to know about this!

The plugin is LIVE NOW as a special offer. Yes, special in it’s price!

So much cheaper than what it will be after this! So get ready tomorrow to grab the special
“LOW” price. Daniel told me the price is going to increase eventually, so be sure to grab it early!

And I do hope you get it and let me know how great it has helped you with Social Signals!

Thank you,
{Your Name}