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Yi Yun Lin is well versed in visual and graphic marketing. He is a content contributor of Social Metrics Pro.

61 Ideas For Press Release Writing [Infographic]

Previously we posted an article on the “61 Ideas For Press Release Writing” which was pretty well received. It’s no surprise that we do what we love doing – making infographics for you! (See original article here.) Here’s a quick recap of the infographics that you guys love: 1) 21 Rules For Effective Social Media […]

7 Dos and Don’ts of Using Visual Media In Your Brand Building Content Strategy

Visual media, such as pictures and videos, are powerful brand building content. Without images and videos, a content strategy is incomplete. It arouses the senses with color, texture, and sound. In all of its forms, visual media are like little nuggets of gold; Each makes your brand shine and stand out. By carefully selecting the […]

7 Reasons to Go Social and Mobile

Look around you. Chances are, you’re bound to see someone with a smartphone, tablet or even a phablet (those curious smartphone-tablet hybrids like the Samsung Galaxy Note) in tow. Heck, there’s also a huge possibility that you might own a unit or two of these ultra-mobile gadgets yourself – you might even be reading this […]

8 Things Social Media Tells About Your Target Market

At this point, it is fairly safe to say that almost every marketer or producer knows that social media is a force to be reckoned with, both as a means of communication and for the seemingly endless marketing possibilities that it provides. Even so, most people do not know how to effectively utilize social media […]

7 Ways To Influence Purchase Decision Using Social Media

The consumer purchasing process is a series of steps that you make when deciding to buy a product. According to San Diego State University, the 5 stages of the consumer purchasing process are: problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. Social Media Affects All Points of the Purchasing Process According to […]