Press Releases and Product Reviews

Press Release #1

Google Confirms Using Social Signals to Rank Websites

Google’s recent revelation that it uses social signals to rank websites has caused
drastic aftershocks in the online community. Networkers are busy changing their
strategies to meet with the newest ranking factor developed by the head honchos at

Search engine Google recently came out into the open with the newest parameter
it uses to rank websites. Dubbed as social signals, this new method of website
ranking has added to the growing importance of the world of social networking
and marketing. This system of ranking will see Google use information from social
networking portals such as Facebook and Twitter to assess the rank of websites.

‘Social signals’ is a collective name accorded to methods used by social networking
websites to gauge online popularity. These include Facebook’s Likes, Twitter’s
Retweets and Google’s Plus’ +1s. Among these, a definite leverage is commanded
by Twitter’s Retweets, which are being considered as the most emphatic method
right now to build links. Twitter allows its content to be retweeted a number of times,
which adds up the social signals it sends. Google reveals that it uses such social
signals to rank websites on its search pages.

Google justifies its position by stating that social signals are the most accurate
measure of a website’s popularity. Social signals originate from users who genuinely
like what they see and want to share it with their circle of people. Google uses this
viral marketing strategy to constantly rank websites so that it can offer the most
popular content to its users.

This revelation from the world’s biggest search engine has the search engine
optimizers in a tizzy. Over the last year, backlinks had turned out to be the most
popular modus operandi of marketers to optimize their websites. However, with the
advent of social signals, backlinking has taken a backseat. Online marketers are
rapidly employing new methods to improve their websites from the social networking
point of view.

Plugins are being developed to measure the social signals accumulated by
websites. Such plugins gather data from popular social networking websites such
as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Digg, StumbleUpon and others to get a dynamic
measure of the popularity of websites. Plugins such as Social Metrics Pro are
compatible with specific blog platforms such as WordPress, and use methods such
as color coding to differentiate the more popular content from the less popular one.

However, while some online marketers are busy changing their tactics to fit into
Google’s new groove, there are a few who are unruffled. They hold the view that this
is just another of Google’s ever-changing policies, which will not affect the world of
SEO much. At the same time, there are others who are playing it safe and focusing
on both backlinking as well as social signals to bring their websites to the top of the

Press Release #2

Plugin Launched to Tap Google’s Ranking via Social Signals

Online marketers have commenced leveraging social signals, the newest parameter
that search engines like Google and Bing have admitted to using to rank social
websites. Social Metrics Pro is one of the plugins that was announced this week.

In order to gain the best leverage out of Google’s recently announced ranking
system using social signals, a new plugin known as Social Metrics Pro has been
launched. This plugin is compatible with the WordPress platform and is available in a
downloadable format.

For the uninitiated, Google announced about a month ago that it has started using
feeds from social networking portals to rank the popularity of websites. With the
advent of Web 2.0, people have become more actively participating in the working
of the Internet rather than merely browsing it. Google feels that the number of
comments and shares that website content receives through social networking
websites is the right parameter to judge its popularity. Always one to be the pioneer,
the Google search engine has used these feeds as the new ranking factors.

Among the social networking platforms that Google has targeted are included Twitter
and Facebook. Every tweet made through Twitter and every like through Facebook
is now a yardstick along which Google measures the popularity of websites.

Social Metrics Pro helps online entrepreneurs as it gives a true picture of the social
popularity of online content. It uses a simple color coding system to illustrate this
popularity. Content that is more popular is coded green while the one that needs
attention is coded red. With this color coding system, it becomes easier for the
marketer to convert the reds to greens, which means they can propel the viability of
their content across online social networks.

Currently, Social Metrics Pro is capable of measuring Facebook Likes, Twitter
Tweets, Google Plus +1s and several other social signals such as those from
StumbleUpon and Digg. The plugin is being developed further so as to be able to
measure social signals from other social networks as well.

Daniel Tan, a developer of Social Metrics Pro, says, “With Google’s newest
announcement, there has been a lot of activity in the world of search engine
optimization. Backlinking has now become passé; and marketers are looking at how
to improve the visibility of their content on social networking websites. We purport to
make this task easier for the online marketer with Social Metrics Pro.”

Social Metrics Pro has been also launched with a limited time Unlimited Sites
Version, where it can be used to assess the performance of an unlimited number of
websites with the same software inclusion.

Product Review #1

Is Social Metrics Pro the Best Social Signal Tracking and Monitoring Tool?

With the trends of social optimization changing at every drop of the hat, optimizers
have been facing a difficult time trying to keep up. Link-building and creating
backlinks—two methods that are being currently used for SEO—have suddenly
become obsolete. This is because of the recent announcement made by popular
search engine websites like Google and Bing that they have begun using social
signals to rank the popularity of websites. Though the new announcement puts most
search engine optimizers in a tizzy, as they would have to change their methods, the
tool we are reviewing today is a step in the right direction.

Social Metrics Pro is the newest search engine optimization tool on the market that
works on the principle of Google and Bing’s newest policy of ranking websites. It
helps optimizers keep track of the progress of their websites on social networks. It
is compatible with some of the most popular social networks already. It can assess
feeds from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and several others are in the

The purpose of Social Metrics Pro is to give the user a clear picture of how the
website is faring on the social network. Each time someone comments, likes or
shares some content, it is recorded by Social Metrics Pro. The optimizer can keep
track of this and keep making improvements to the websites so as to make them
more appealing on the social network.

Social Metrics Pro is a new-fangled tool but it still makes things easy for the newbie
optimizer. It has a simple color coding output system. The content on the website
that has poor social signals are displayed in red, while the content that fares well is
displayed in green. This literally gives a clear picture to the social optimizer, whose
primary task is to convert all the reds into greens.

Currently, Social Metrics Pro is available as a simple downloadable plugin that works
on most browsers. It is designed for the WordPress blogosphere.

For the modern optimizer, it becomes important to stay in tune with the website’s
performance on the social network. Social Metrics Pro does just that, through a
simple visual representation. It does not need the optimizer to work with difficult
links, tags or codes. This search optimization tool ranks highly in our viewpoint
because of its simplicity and usefulness, and also the fact that it uses one of the
newest methods of ranking used by the biggest search engines of the world.

Product Review #2

Social Metrics Pro Uses Little Details that Matter Much

One of the main reasons why so many search engine optimizers are speaking
favorably about Social Metrics Pro is that it addresses the most current way in which
websites are optimized, i.e. through assessing the social networking performance
of the websites. This tool, simply put, analyzes how a website is received on social
platforms, such as likes on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, +1s on Google Plus and
so on. It also checks the performance of content on syndicated websites such as
StumbleUpon and Digg.

The principle is quite concise—if your website is performing well on these social
networking places, then it means that it is more in demand. Google and Bing, to
name just two search engines, have recently started using these social signals as a
means to judge the relevance of online content.

In many little and big ways, Social Metrics Pro helps the webmaster to get a true
picture of the relevance of the website. A lot has been said about the color coding
method that Social Metrics Pro uses. Content is divided through a system of color
codes, where green shows the more popular content and red shows the less popular

Apart from this, there are many other ways in which Social Metrics Pro proves
to be a useful tool to the SEO expert. It is accessible through the dashboard on
the WordPress admin page itself. It works for all WordPress blogs above version
3.2. There are simple options provided by which you can modify your experience
with the assessment tool. For instance, you can choose to filter options according
to categories and dates. You can choose to analyze data by using sorting and
searching options that are provided with the plugin. You can also set a data refresh
frequency that suits your needs, which means that you have the most current stats of
your website’s online performance whenever you choose to analyze it.

Social Metrics Pro also allows transferability of its content to spreadsheets in .xls
and .csv formats. You can analyze your data through Microsoft Excel or even when
you are on the move through your handheld device. This helps you to constantly
keep tinkering with the data on your website until all your reds turn into greens.

The best thing about Social Metrics Pro is that it tells you exactly which of your
website content is performing well and which isn’t. This helps you to improve the
social signals of your website, which helps it rank better. As a tool to measure your
social signals, Social Metrics Pro performs its duty amazingly well and with a lot of


Product Review #3

“How do I keep track of the social popularity of my website?”

When social signals started being used by search engines such as Google and Bing
for ranking popularity of websites, one common question was heard throughout the
blogosphere, “How do I keep track of the online popularity of my website?” Now, a
concrete answer has arrived to that question, in the form of the product known as
Social Metrics Pro.

The best part of using Social Metrics Pro is its simplicity. This is what makes it
possible for even the most amateur online marketer to use this tool and harness its
potential to gauge the online popularity of their website.

Social Metrics Pro is driven by a dashboard that keeps track of the social status
of the content on the website. The dashboard is simplified with a system of color
coding. Different colors indicate the relative popularity of the posts. Reds indicate
posts that are performing poorly on the social networks, while greens indicate
posts that are performing well on the social networks. As the poor performing
posts are worked upon, the reds turn into greens, which is a direct measure of the
improvement of the social signals of the website.

Social Metrics Pro also allows the optimizer to directly transfer the output into a
Microsoft Excel file. This can be used to further analyze the performance of the
website. These files are viewable on all spreadsheet processors.

The best part of Social Metrics Pro is that it is available as a plugin. Once installed, it
sits pretty on the taskbar of the browser, until it is called upon to perform its analysis.
The plugin works for any blog that has been created on WordPress, upwards of
Wordpress 3.2 version. Its access is also available through the admin dashboard of
Wordpress as well.

There are small features that help the newbie optimizer immensely. For instance,
the webmaster can choose to refresh their data. The frequency can be preset, which
helps to give an updated version of the social networking status of the blog at any
required time. The plugin begins performing as soon as it has been downloaded and
installed. Once installed, the plugin keeps on updating itself. There are free lifetime
updates provided with the plugin, and a dedicated technical support team helps
people with any issues that they might have.

Our final verdict is that Social Metrics Pro is a great tool for people who want to tap
into the potential of social signals to bring their website on the top of the search
engines. If you have any apprehensions about its functionality, you might put them to
rest as this is one of the easiest optimizing tools that we have come across.