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Hello Affiliate Partners,

I am Daniel Tan. Many of you know me as the owner of SEOPressor. Some of you have witnessed a few of my successful launches as an active Warrior in the Warrior Forum. And other times, you might have seen me appearing on various leaderboards. If you can see the potential in what I can offer you, please read on.

You are here for one thing and that is obviously, to make some money. Here, I present to you 5 reasons why you should promote Social Metrics Pro, and easily reap the rewards of it.

Reason #1: Generous Payout: 60% commissions on all sales

Why not! We figured since you guys are the most important assets in our business, let’s make you rich! We will give you 60% commissions so you can take this as your own business, promote, buy ads, build review sites, buy solos, build fans, build a list etc! Most importantly, MAKE MONEY!

We will live with the remaining 40% for support desk, codes updating, customer service and managing this as a long term business. Yep, we do everything LONG TERM! SEOPressor’s been updated countless of times for over 2 years. XTabApps is now one of the most sought after Facebook private label solutions! Challenge us! We innovate marketing technologies, that’s what we are proficient at!

Reason #2: Jump onto the profit-bandwagon!

Haven’t you heard? Social signals are the next big thing since Google Panda and Penguin and you’ll definitely be missing out if the only SEO you’re doing is backlinking!

SEO Marketers sitewide have confirmed the correlation between higher traffic and increase social signals! Google themselves have revealed that they indeed factor in social signals now for higher rankings! Everyone’s getting in on the trend and making heaps out of this, why aren’t you doing the same!?

Reason #3: Super-Easy-All-Stuffs-Ready Lazy Promotion

Guaranteed! We will have swipes, articles, banners, product reviews, press releases ready for your use! What you do is just copy-n-paste. You may use our ideas to customize your content the way you like it, rewrite it, or do whatever you want.

Be it for mailing, putting on review sites or syndicating to content networks. We have got all you need inside JVs area. And if you need anything customized, including Guest Posting to your popular site, ebook or report or any affiliate support, please hit us up. Our JV Specialist is on standby mode, ready to assist you in your promotion!

Reason #4: The Ultimate Professional Support

Our JV specialist support will provide you with everything that you need! Whether you misplaced the link to our affiliate materials or you simply just need some help setting up, just let us know! We assure you that there’s no task too difficult for us to handle!

You can reach me with your special request and I will attend to you personally at

Reason #5: Every WordPress Needs Social Metrics Pro

In the latest Panda update, Google confirmed that they are looking more into social signal. Social signal is going to influence more and more first  page ranking. Our tests show that sites with social engagement and social appearances tend to rank easier and faster than sites without. Therefore, everyone needs to be engaging in social signal and they NEED TO TRACK Social Signals.

They can, of course, go to each of the social sites to check on their ranking, but…it’s painstaking and no one wants to do it that  way!

The solution: Social Metrics Pro. It tracks social signals the way Google sees it. It also puts a number on it, which is the number of times your post/page appears on various social sites. When it’s low, it’s RED. When it’s good, it’s GREEN. And when you turn all the reds to greens (working on social marketing), you tend to get very good results with traffic, more keywords ranked and definitely, more money!

Our TOP 10% of the sites by performance, got up to 360% more traffic, 410% more keywords ranked into the first page of Google and 310% more revenues!

Don’t wait as we have new affiliates deploying new income streams everyday promoting Social Metrics Pro! Promote and make money now! Every WordPress site needs Social Metrics Pro. Since they are going to get it eventually, why not let it happen via your affiliate link? Let’s make money!


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