GetSocial Plugin Settings

Positioning and Size

Initial Offset from top: Distance in pixels from the top of the window when the page is first loaded. Default: 200px.

Offset from top after scrolling: Distance in pixels from the top of the window after the user has scrolled down considerably. Default: 20px.

Offset from left: Adjust this value to move the GetSocial box horizontally. Higher value moves it farther to the left, while lower value moves it to the right. Default: 88px.

Browser Width: This is the minimum width of the browser window to allow full display of GetSocial box without hiding to the left. When the browser window is resized to a value smaller than this, GetSocial box partially hides to the left. Hovering over it will allow full display. This feature is also useful for users using screens with lower resolution like 800x600px.

Adjust this value according to the maximum width of your theme’s used up area. For example, if your theme’s used up width is 1000px, you may set the browser width to 1140px (1000 + 140) or slighly higher. Default: 1140px.

Width of the GetSocial bar: Here you can specify the width of the GetSocial bar. This could be useful when your default langauage is not English and the Like buttons are wider. Default: 68px.

Display Options and Colors

Display on: Choose whether to display GetSocial bar on posts, pages, and/or homepage. This setting can be overridden on individual posts/pages by changing the GetSocial Settings on the Edit Page/Post screen.

Background Color: Background Color of the GetSocial box. Click on the field to display the color picker. Click again to close it. Default: #ffffff.

Border Color: Border color of the GetSocial box. Click on the field to display the color picker. Click again to close it. Default: #dddddd.

Show Rounded Corners: Select Yes if you would like the GetSocial bar to have rounded corners. Default: Yes.

Hide Initially: Hides the GetSocial bar initially until the page loads completely. Default: Yes.

Additional Options

Load scripts in Footer: Loads scripts in footer by default. Uncheck this only if the GetSocial box does not appear at all. Default: Yes.

Share some Linkluv: Shows a tiny unobtrusive link to GetSocial homepage. Thank you for your support.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons: Choose which social media buttons to display and in which layout. Simply drag and drop the boxes below to re-order the buttons on GetSocial bar.

Twitter Username: Specifiy your Twitter username or Twitter handle to mention it along with the Tweet text.

Additional buttons: To show additional social media buttons, simply add the HTML code for the additional buttons under the ‘Additional buttons’ options in the settings page. Enclose each button within <div> and </div> tags. For example:

<!-- Code for additional button 1 -->
<!-- Code for additional button 2 -->

Tips and Tricks